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Toshio ENDO, PhD.

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Google Scholar: Toshio Endo
ORCID: Toshio Endo
Github: toshioendo
X(Twitter): ToshioEndo


Advanced Computing Research Division,
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center,
Tokyo Institute of Technology


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[Old Research Projects]

  • Ultra Green Supercomputing and Cloud Infrastructure Technology Advancement
  • JST-CREST, "Software Technology that Deals with Deeper Memory Hierarchy in Post-petascale Era" (2012-2018, PI), (JST page)
  • Heterogeneous Linpack on large scale heterogeneous supercomputers with accelerators/GPUs
  • Parallel scalable garbage collector (ancient project)


    Endo Lab.
    TSUBAME4.0 Supercomputer
    Matsuoka Lab.
    Yonezawa Lab.

    [Contact Address]

    Endo Laboratory
    Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    (G2 Building Room 1112)
    4259-G2-14 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-0026, Japan

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